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Every company begins with a dream, an idea; a destination in mind thatís its creators would like to reach. These visions seem inspired, full of quality, diligence and integrity they seem destined to succeed and make the world better as they grow. But all to often what starts off as a vision, becomes a goal, then an ideal then an afterthought as growth and numbers become the importance and the original vision because altered, changed and eventually cast off as new values of greed, and quick profit take their place. Quality is replaced my quality, truth by deception and in the end forgetting about what keeps a business operating in the first placeÖits customers. Like all other companies we have a vision, a dream, to become one of the worlds great and trusted companies. This is not a day trip, or a destination that can be reached then left. Itís a way of life, a way of doing business, a path than continually runs in the same direction without variance:

We Want To Satisfy And Exceed All Our Customers Needs And Expectations By Providing The Best Product At The Best Price And Being Known As The Leading Brand In Every Line Of Product We Supply.

To fulfill this dream and gain this consumer trust we have a set of values we follow. We have a set of underlying principles that cannot be change, altered or be ignored for even a moment. These principles of integrity are that we will produce and maintain the highest quality of product on the market. We will not settle for less. In a world where the quick profit is in prevalence we want to step up and remember where we came from. We will not manufacture, buy or wholesale a product if we canít put our name and guarantee on it. We will not market a product if itís not a quality that we would personally use or want our families and friends to use. And if we find ourselves dealing with a company that could possibly put at risk any of these values, then we as a whole will step back and ask ourselves ď what are we doing, and does this transaction, conversation, or sale jeopardize our integrity or put at risk the quality we guarantee to all our customers. We may not always be the lowest price, we may not always be the fastest manufacturers, but we will always strive to be the best quality and maintain our promise and vision in every action that we do. Anything else is unacceptable.